6 Undeniably Sexy Male Fashions

6 Undeniably Sexy Male Fashions


The perfect blend of physicality, personality, and smart clothing choices makes a man sexy. Of course, on a first meeting, the initial attraction tends to be more superficial than when a woman has time to fully get to know a guy. This is why men’s fashion is so important.

Some women are drawn to the casualness of a man sporting a t-shirt and jeans, while others are drawn to the success of a tailored suit. It’s true that clothes make the man and these fashions are some of our favorite ways men dress to impress. When a man wears these items, he’s sure to draw the eyes of interested women, because like men, we’re first attracted to physicality.

Fitted Shirts

Nothing shows off a man’s physique like a fitted shirt. If a woman is attracted to dudes who are physically fit, she’s going to fall in eye-lust with a tight cotton or knit shirt. It’s important that these shirts are perfectly fitted and not skin-tight. Slim Fit Men's Shirts should be perfectly tailored and a staple in any sexy dresser’s wardrobe. Our favorite hot guy to rock the slim fit look is Zac Efron.

V-Neck Shirts


Handsome Ryan Gosling has made V-necks the stuff of naughty fantasies. The actor rocks the V-neck like a pro. When women’s eyes fall on this flattering neckline, they will swoon. If the guy has a clean shaven chest and rippling pectoral muscles even better!

Leather Jacket

The leather jacket is a sexy stand-by for any guy who knows how to make a stimulating first impression. Hugh Jackman rocked a leather jacket throughout the first Wolverine movie and that’s why we’ll be first in line for the sequel. Nothing says masculinity quite like a tailored leather jacket.

Good Jeans

When a man pairs good genes with good jeans, women everywhere stop to gawk. It’s hard not to follow a guy in the perfect pair of jeans. Dark jeans are especially handsome, plus they go well with casual business-wear, like a single-buttoned jacket and oxford shirt. Jake Gyllenhaal is the perfect example of a man who knows how to wear jeans. Jake pairs his blue jeans with blue eyes, tempting women everywhere to abandon their homes, hop a plane for Los Angeles, and begin a strict stalking regimen.

The Classic Tuxedo

The classic combination of black and white makes a man look sophisticated, cultured, and damn sexy. Most women love the look of a man sporting a classic tuxedo. Tuxedos scream black-tie parties, romance, mystery, and even responsibility. If a man is wearing a tuxedo, you can almost guarantee he has a job. If it wasn’t for mysterious 007 wearing a fashionable tuxedo, would women even accompany their boyfriends to the latest Bond films?

Sexy Accessories

Dolce & Gabbana Sunglasses Collection.

It’s all in the details. A pair of sunglasses, paired with a three-piece suit, is really sexy. Pocket squares are a nice touch, as are tie bars, expensive socks, and all the other understated accessories a man can wear. Of course, we don’t want to see guys overdoing it and ruining their machismo, but a few understated accessories really make the outfit.

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